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Our cutting-edge Stratasys F270 FDM rapid prototyping machine enables rapid production of high-quality, functional prototype components. When integrated into our industrial design process, this enables us to validate our design work with a high level of confidence at any point during a projects’ progression. Implementing our 3D printing capabilities with your project means that you will be able to get your hands on a working and visually excellent prototype at very short notice and at low cost compared with other 3D printing technologies.

We offer two high performance materials to meet your prototyping requirements: ABSM30 plastic and ASA plastic filaments. Our machine also uses a special water-soluable QSR support material, which is easily removed after completing a part. Technical specifications for both of our plastic materials are available on request. We stock a basic selection of monotone colours, however if you require a different colour we may be able to accommodate this.

Upon request, we will provide a detailed quotation on the production costs of your components via our FDM printing process, including the time required to manufacture, clean and ship your prints. Our engineers will take care of the entire printing process for you, including the initial setup and programming of the machine, clean-up of support material via our ultrasonic bath, and any additional assembly and basic finishing required for larger components.

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