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Our Services

We offer a complete product development service.

Whether you just have an idea or a fully detailed design brief, FSW offers a range of services which will help your business develop a commercially viable product solution.  At FSW we tailor our product development cycle to your specific requirements, meaning our customers receive a completely unique and personal experience when working with us.

If you are thinking of bringing a product to market why not contact us so that we can explain the full range of services we offer!

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Industrial Design
Good industrial design is at the core of any commercially successful product.
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We have extensive experience designing for all of the main plastic manufacturing processes including injection, blow and rotational moulding.
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We offer a range of prototyping solutions which are tailored to the specific requirements of the project.
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Our cutting-edge Stratasys F270 FDM rapid prototyping machine enables rapid production of high-quality, functional prototype components.
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3D Printing
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A great product can never succeed unless it is manufactured correctly. We can help you find suppliers appropriate to your requirements.
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Strategic support
We help to ensure the appropriate resources and expertise are put in place so that a project can be delivered on time and on budget.
As part of our complete project solution, we offer a comprehensive marketing support service.
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Marketing Support