SPS 360 Bollard

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Sign Post Solutions Ltd (SPS) specialise in marketing innovative traffic engineering products.  SPS commissioned FSW Design Limited to work on a specific problem they had identified. Bollards designed to self-right after a vehicle impact have been available for a number of years, however current designs have inherent problems.  They suffer from low levels of vandal resistance and lack durability.  SPS set FSW Design the challenge of designing a unique self-righting bollard, which would offer class leading standards of durability, but would be possible to retail at a highly competitive price point.

The final product is a completely unique self-righting bollard system branded SPS 3 Sixty.  The branding makes reference to the products inherent ability to resist vandal attack by revolving the bollard in an attempt to separate it from its base mount.  The bollard is manufactured in HDPE with a natural rubber base mount. It has a modern ultra slim-line profile conceived to avoid damage from low ground clearance vehicles.  The simple elegant design can be manufactured competitively at high volume.

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