Hospital Care Tray Trolley

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Designed to support varied storage needs, the Bristol Maid care tray trolley provides multiple translucent trays to suit different filing requirements. With a convenient labelling system, it offers quick and easy access to documents and other contents.

The care tray trolley is equipped to meet the needs of a variety of storage requirements. The storage trays are built from translucent plastic, which means the contents can be viewed at a glance with ease. This helps to ensure that the correct items are being stored in the desired trays.

Additionally, each tray is supplied with a plastic clip-on label cover and four removable dividers of varied lengths, allowing the trays to be efficiently labelled for more secure storage. The trolley also comes with perforated coloured label strips in the following colours: white, blue, green, yellow and red. This allows for colour-coding filing for a quicker, more convenient storage solution that avoids misread labels.

The trays are also fitted with runners with positive stops to prevent the trays from being accidentally removed, increasing the safety of the unit. Externally, the recessed plastic top provides ideal space for the placement of items that need to be kept within easy reach, allowing swift access to frequently sought products.

Comprising a one-piece welded frame and high-impact plastic trays, the care tray trolley is designed to withstand the test of time. Its durable structure enables a more rigorous clean, while the removable top and side panels provide easier access to all areas of the unit for thorough cleaning.

In addition to its easy access, the unit is also fitted with ring buffers and castors to safely transport it between rooms for cleaning. This ensures that the unit provides a more hygienic storage solution, ideal for a medical environment.