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Bunzl Lockhart are the countries leading distributor of catering equipment, they currently supply the largest range of light and heavy equipment available to the UK catering industry. Since 2013, FSW Design have worked with Lockhart and in 2014 we helped them to develop their Signature plate range.

Our designers spoke with the finalists of the Young National Chef of the Year Awards at the Restaurant Show in Earls Court, where we learnt the importance of a well presented dish and how a plates design can transform the users experience. Over the course of the interviews we extracted key insights which helped us to develop themes to use in our design process.  Using inspiration from nature, architecture and existing products we were able to extract the the visual DNA from each of the chosen themes and apply it to a range of Signature plates. 

The chosen plates, Futuriste, Carre, Echarde and Cerne all  exhibit characteristics, which clearly differentiate one from another, providing Lockhart with a broad commecial offering for the catering market.

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